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Custom frame all of your artwork at our on-site framing shop, The Great Frame Up of Whitefish Bay, which is connected to the gallery.  Archival framing is a specialty and an extensive selection of some of the finest wood frames and archival mats are available. We are experienced, professional custom framing consultants and will guide you in selecting the appropriate design that enhances your painting while complimenting your space and taste. While some framing shops send their art out to be framed, we frame everything on site and handle each painting as if it were our own.


The frames we offer are from reputable companies whose product we trust. Larson & Juhl is a leader in the frame industry and we are a premier partner in the Milwaukee area to this reputable company.  These high quality wood frames are crafted by skilled artisans in Italy, France and even right here Wisconsin.  A wide variety of styles are available and our staff is here to assist you in selecting  a proper style for you and your art.  Whether you select a contemporary acylic painting or a classic oil painting we’ll find the right frame to complete your art project.


We partner with a dedicated team of reputable art restoration specialists that will bring life back to your artwork on paper, canvas and in some cases even objects like original wood frames and tapestries.  Over time paintings on paper and canvas sometimes need cleaning due to dirt, dust, soot or other grime.  Our restoration experts can also take care of these cleaning projects. 

Each art restoration project is unique and can entail a variety of treatments. Therefore each project is quoted on an individual basis.  We will obtain a condition report and treatment proposal from our experts after they review your specific art restoration request.  

Bring your project to Gallery 505 to get the proper recommendation for your restoration needs.   


The art you choose to display in your business can say a lot to visitors and employees alike. Create an atmosphere that is comfortable, enjoyable and inspires creativity.  Displaying artwork in your place of business creates a pleasant environment that feels more like home. Whether you display original oil paintings or casual prints and posters, you'll be creating an environment where employees and visitors alike enjoy coming.


At Gallery 505 we strive to listen to the needs of our corporate clients and offer them a truly exceptional service and product. We will work with you to choose art that offers the correct balance of color and space utilization while complimenting your corporate image and culture as well as complimenting your office decor. Having worked with several types of businesses around Milwaukee and nationally our corporate art and framing program is one we proudly stand behind. We’ve provided art and framing for law offices, apartment complexes, retirement villages, dental offices, banks, hospitals, bars and restaurants to name a few. Whether you need five pictures or five hundred we’ll guide you step by step through the art and framing process.


We will begin with a complimentary walk through of your space and a discussion of your needs and desired outcome. Many businesses mix original paintings and posters when they are framing on a large scale.  Gallery 505 has a great selection of paintings fitting for commercial and office decor. Acrylic and oil paintings are great for lobbies, conference rooms and other high traffic areas of your company. Our poster selection is extensive with just about any style available. Prints and posters are great for work areas, hallways or less traveled areas.  Regardless of what you’d like for your business we can help.


Print and frame your photos in one place. Using quality Epson papers and inks we custom print your images, including large scale format. Contact us for more information on your printing project. 


Less than 8x10$8$12
11 x 17$28$37
13 x 19$37$50
16 x 20$48$64
16 x 24$57$76
20 x 24$62$96
20 x 30$72$108
22 x 28$74$110
24 x 30$86$130
24 x 36$103$155
30 x 40$144$216
36 x 48$200$311
40 x 50$240$360
40 x 60$280$430
 Paper Options:
 Epson Luster Photo
 Epson Glossy Photo
 Epson Doubleweight Matte

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